Wednesday, March 18, 2015

# 156 It's a Small World

A chance encounter at the book fair the other day led me to think about connections and how a remote link can intertwine and eerily tie us all together. The story began with me waiting in line to see Leonard Pitts Jr. while Rob roved around finding if there was a quicker entry.  Reality is he hates to wait in line and that is his ruse for not standing in one place for more than a nano second but, I digress.  After Rob sprinted off, the woman behind me asked if he had been in the Peace Corps.  Yes, same shirt as the other day.  She mentioned she had been involved with the organization a half century ago and was in Panama.

Our friend, Peter, was there about that time.  Could this be one of those links?  Yes, it was.  She knew him, same group and same year.  What are the odds that this strange phenomenon would occur in the masses of people at an event thousands of miles away from Panama and Wisconsin?

 Long story short--we had a nice conversation about Peace Corps, Peter and the coincidences that happens to us.  Life is sweet and we are not alone so reach out and grab the next line that might connect us in this--not so big--world.

Thanks for reading # 156 of 7777.

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