Friday, March 20, 2015

#158 Hiking with a Racehorse

Relaxing Rob at the top

Hiking with Rob is aways an entertaining venture.  We began our trek with me in the lead and him breathing down my neck--never criticizing my slow speed--but close encounter breathing none the less. When I finally stopped and demanded him to get in front of me or stop breathing, he reluctantly clambered ahead and took off at his usual pace up the mountain that rivals a barn sour horse.

Let's just say it was a difficult climb and when he was in view, I did see his back end at various switchbacks but mostly had the whole mountain to myself. This left me to amble along at my own speed--it was a 1700 elevation gain over rocks and boulders--and reflection time when I wasn't gasping for air from the lack of oxygen.

Solo hiking has its definite advantages.  Being surrounded with natural beauty leads to contemplating everything from the meaning of life to how much longer until the end of this trail.  I vacillated from being high on the all encompassing beauty to asking myself, "Where the heck is the top?" but trudged on until the summit sprang up with a sign stating it was the end of Blackett's Ridge trail.   Duh! Thanks for the warning. The next step would have had me plunging down the 1700 feet at a much faster rate than the ascent. (I apologize for the sarcasm--I'm a bit testy at the end of a climb).

Of course, Mr. Racehorse was sitting on a rock fully recuperated and patiently waiting for me.  What a guy and what a magnificent view.  Hiking sometimes is like childbirth--"I'll never do this again" while in the process to when it is over--"I loved it! When's the next hike?".   Well, maybe I wasn't quite that exuberant but it definitely ranks high on the list on the wow factor of hiking.

Exercise, meditation time and fresh air all rolled into one activity makes me one happy (and a little weary) hiker ready to take on another monster of a mountain...well, maybe not tomorrow or the next day and definitely after a long hot tub soaking with a massage thrown in; and possibly after all that pampering, I might be persuaded to join racehorse Rob on his next march up the mountain.

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