Wednesday, March 25, 2015

# 163 #1 Got 'er Done

The start
Chalk this one up for the first swim on my One Woman, Many Lakes campaign and what a success it was or almost wasn't.
Best support team!

The behind the scenes story is it was another sleepless night, woke up with tummy issues and felt like a super crank.  Cancel, I thought, I can always do it tomorrow.  But wait, cancer never takes a day off and if I am to beat this thing, I will not cancel.  So out to the lake we schlepped.

The water temperature according to the pleasant park ranger registered a brisk 58 degrees.  Not to be deterred by a little cold, I plunged in and tackled the chilly water one steady stroke at a time.  It was an uneventful swim--thank goodness--until I ran into a stick that resembled a snake.  Screaming underwater didn't accomplish a thing until I remembered, fool--only a fool would be in this frigid water.

Rob and the dog were fine supporters in the rowboat and led the way across a tad over two mile stretch. As I neared my landing strip imagine my surprise when I heard cheers from the beach. What are the chances that, Gail and Al, friends from Oregon would be in this remote state park?  We found out that Tucson is their winter home and since she follows my blog knew I would be splashing away.  Great to catch up with them and as we were leaving a sunbathing gentleman asked me what I was doing out in the water (with a worried look on his face as if I was nuts).  After my explanation, he asked where he could donate.  This is exactly why I get into the water when it is cold, swim across a lake and keep the conversation going on metastatic cancer.  One person at a time, one dollar amount and it adds up to one stroke closer to a cure.

Stay tuned for my next swim in Kansas City May 11th and if you are looking for a good time, join me.
My first cheering crowd

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