Saturday, March 28, 2015

# 166 You Are Cool

cool--informal she thinks she's so coolfashionablestylishchicup-to-the-minutesophisticatedinformal trendyfunkywith ithipbighappeninggroovyphatkickyflystyling/stylin'. From MacBook Dictionary 

Cool people.  How do they do it?  You know who I'm talking about. Those cool people that look cool...all the time.  Is it their dress, mannerisms, vocabulary or what?  I began thinking about this on my very long hike yesterday and concluded that if you asked someone who you thought was cool, what would they say?  Would they agree and say, "Yeah, I'm cool".  I doubt it.

The cool people I know would never acknowledge their coolness--they are just too darn cool to even think that they are. As an experiment we could ask all the cool people in the world and, except for a few (who probably aren't that cool),  many would deny they were in the cool category.  But that is what makes them so cool.

This coolness factor was contemplated on an 8.2 mile hike that had temperatures topping off at 95 degrees so to keep one foot in front of the other my thoughts went to a cooler place.  

By the way, if you are reading this blog, you are definitely "cool" in my book.

Thanks for reading # 166 of 7777.

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