Friday, March 27, 2015

# 165 Yoga vs Yogi

According to the yoga website, Kripalu, "yoga unites you with your self, your body, your mind, and your spirit." Practicing yoga with my dog, Yogi, has been a slight challenge if I try to unite myself with mind, body or spirit--a dog in the middle of my mat does not lend itself to reflection as I maneuver around his 80 pound body.  There is an entire room that he could occupy but no, he wants to be right under me as I move from downward dog to plank to cobra.

Does he feel the need to protect me against the woman on the screen telling me to move to the left or right. Her voice is calm with no shouting or angry inflections while she directs me through the various movements of a yoga practice.  This dog seems to think the closer he gets to me the safer I will be.  Or something like that. Who knows what goes through his brain or does he even think about what he is doing except getting up close and personal with me?

Speaking of dogs and their complicated brains, if you have not read A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron I would highly recommend dashing out and purchasing it today.  Using the voices of an assortment of dogs, he captures their perspective of the world and what they think of humans.  Yoga was not one of the chapters but it very well should be and I would volunteer my pooch for his antics when the breathing begins.

Tomorrow I will attempt another yoga session but will leave the master of yoga locked in the bedroom.  He can perfect his own downward dog without me in his way.

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