Friday, July 3, 2015

# 263 What I Should Have Said

What I wish I would have said on the swim day in Mendota.

Public speaking is not one of my favorite things to do. In fact, I'd rather sit in a dentist chair with pins sticking into me while undergoing a root canal--without any numbing device--that is how much I hate to get up in front of a crowd. (I know I was a teacher, but somehow that was different).

With that said, my speech before the masses on my Tuesday swim was, how can I say it, lacking in flair and punch.  Here was a willing non hostile audience and the words I wanted to convey were stuck somewhere in the back of my throat.

  So if you were at that send off, this is what I wish would have come from my heart and sent to you via my blubbering mouth.

Blah blah blah blah!

"Thank you for coming today on the fifth lake swim in Madison.  The weather gods were shining down on us every single swim day and they did not disappoint today.  It has been quite the ride and with everyone here it is even more special than I could have even imagined."

Then I would have rambled on about how honored and pleased I was that my supporters were there and dedicated the lake to them.  I did manage to say some nice things about my #1 supporter, Rob, whom I have often gushed over in this blog or publicly. That was all well and good,


What I did want to say is this group standing in front of me has chosen not to ignore Stage IV.  Maggie, Heather and the 155,000 of us living with this disease only have to look around at the assembly of supporters and know that we are not alone.  We have not been forgotten because this team of warriors are unwavering in their support and will shout from the rafters as long as we need them.

This entire swim "package of five" (a line from my daughter-in-law) has been a humbling experience from the beginning and I don't know how to thank these kind generous people anymore than simply saying, thank you.  I am a better person for having every single one of them in my life.

That was what I should have said.

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