Friday, July 31, 2015

#291 It Was an AHA Moment

We are our own worst critics.  I look at this video and cringe on how I was really really trying to be articulate and failed or wondering where the profound words were when I needed them.  As that adorable song says--Let It Go, Let It Go...

 The AHA moment was somewhat of a fluke happening.  Dena from Three Gaits received the call to share her fascinating story about horses and people with disabilities and she then passed my name on as someone else with a cause. Thanks, Dena (I think).

Rob and I traipsed down to the video trailer and I mumbled through my narrative about metastatic breast cancer, swimming and blah blah blah.  Not sure what happens next if they select one for their commercial or if they sell the bunch to some government agency that is in to torture.  "If you think solitary confinement is painful, watch this."

Watch this for a good laugh...or not--My AHA moment

Thanks for reading # 291 of 7777.

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