Wednesday, July 22, 2015

#282 One More...or Not

More swim pictures.  They tend to look all the same even though each is a completely unique and different experience so bear with me as I show once again the latest plunge.

Half way there

Dedicated to Bri

With four news stations looking for a story, I was overwhelmed with the papaparrazi floating around me as I stepped out of the water.  One news reporter sidled up beside me in a canoe paddled by my friend, Deb.  Nothing like trying to look like a master swimmer with a camera stuck in your face.  A bit discerning but, hey, if this will bring in the cash and find a cure, I will tolerate the invasion of my swimming space.

Lake Nokomis TV News

No new swims until next week so a bit of a reprieve from ubiquitous swim photos--they've become more prevalent than adorable kitty pictures on the internet.

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