Sunday, July 19, 2015

#279 The Awe-Inspiring Heather

My friend, Heather, a mets sister.

  Sometimes--really most times--cancer makes me mad and frustrated and angry at the world that this has to be part of our every day lives.  Then along comes Heather, a shining star if there ever was one.  She has taken on this disease with as much grace and dignity as it allows and she does it with a beautiful smile on her face (and a few swear words under her breath).  While we both agree it sucks living this hell, she has embraced life and reveled in it for whatever amount of time she has on this earth. Her story continues to make an enormous impact on me and, I'm sure, gazillions of others.

Recently the local television station featured her in a segment on what she is doing for her daughter.  Get your kleenexes ready while tears will run down your face as you grab your own children and hug them with all your might.  Grace and dignity--that's what she is all about and what she has taught the rest of us.

Click here for the NBC 15 News story--Heather's story

For more about Heather, go to and read about her amazing strength in the "Our Stories" tab; and while you are there, donate to help her and the 155,000 of us living with this disease.

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