Sunday, July 12, 2015

#272--Swim #11--Check!

Wow!  Is all I have to say about yesterday's 1.6 mile dip in Lake Hasbrook.  No teeny minnow or gigantic walleye came venturing by my toes to take a little nibble, in fact, I never saw a creature nearby in this crystal clear paradise of a lake.  Three swimmers accompanied me with a plethora of trusty kayakers and boaters in the mix paddling along watching out for our safety.  Again, a successful swim with the word about MBC spreading to a fresh group of eager supporters.

Mary and Bob Weber did an extraordinary job mustering the troops with an upcoming newspaper article and informing all the lake's residents of my excursion across their beloved body of water.  First Weber Realty's Foundation Fund plan to match the donations from the swims this weekend so besides the awareness, research monies will increase.  Like the movie, Field of Dreams' famous line, "Build it and they will come", an alternative twist to the saying could be, "Swim it and the funds will follow. " Keep on swimming, keep on donating, keep on keeping on.  Thanks Webers and Lake Hasbrook residents.

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Stroke after stroke

Happy swimmers at the end

Thanks for reading # 272 of 7777.

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