Monday, July 13, 2015

#273 Loving the Water

Can you handle yet another blog about yesterday's awesome adventure in the water?  Two Sisters was the chosen lake and the designated distant point was a tall tree with an eagle standing watch while I side skirted the nearby loons.  Does this come close to describing the tranquil setting for the day?  You had to be there to truly appreciate what a northern Wisconsin lake offers to the humble gathering of mortals.

A boisterous crowd congregated at the Zuhlke's beautiful beach area as one official looking swimmer and three fun loving noodle toting characters joined me on the trek across the lake.  Also teaming up were the boosterish kayakers, a couple of adept canoeists and a speedy jet boat guarding us against any evil rogue boaters--safety in numbers and it was never an issue on this serene lake.

1.2 miles later and we triumphantly emerged from the waters with one more swim--number 12--under the belt.  My fellow swimmer suggested I make the goal of swimming 64 lakes this year.  Seems pretty lofty but, hmmm, maybe not an outrageous expectation.  Why not?  Swimming equals awareness equals more money for research.  Bring it on, baby.  Swimming 64 lakes for my 64 years--sounds like a trip south may be in order when the temps start to drop.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my third swim in three days today. Don't forget to go to one woman many lakes and donate.

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