Thursday, July 2, 2015

# 262 Swim For A Cause

I am pleased to announce the group of swimmers from the Oregon Pool have put together a fundraiser for the month of July--swim a lap, make a donation.

The two women who decided on their own to tackle this project are like hungry sharks attacking a school of fish (pardon the water reference).  Once they decided on a plan I was astounded by their organization and dedication to my cause. Remarkable women!

The deal is make a pledge to someone swimmming laps or swim them yourself in your own pool, lake or pond and monitor your laps or the time you swim.  Below is the website with information to share with your own fitness facility to see if they will jump into the pool with you. Spread the word and let's get people swimming and donating.  Working and swimming together for a cure--that's what it is all about.

Click on the link and all the information you need to know will pop up on your screen. 

Swim for a Cause

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