Friday, July 10, 2015

#270 Up North

We are heading up to beautiful northern Wisconsin this weekend with a trio of swims on the agenda for the next three days.  Our dear friends, the Webers, invited us to their lovely cottage on Lake Hasbrook and as long as we are there and the temperatures are fine, I'm ready to jump in and get across another body of water.

 Their lake and the nearby Two Sisters are two of the prettiest lakes around and I am sure the seaweed that entangled me in the Madison lakes won't be present to hang from my goggles.  In fact, I'm looking forward to watching the fish swim by me as I will actually be able to see clear to the bottom of these pristine bodies of water.

On Sunday I'll swim Two Sisters and Monday, Duck Lake in the UP.  All this swimming and splashing is brought to you with the hope that the word is spreading about MBC.  Join me in one lake or many.  We're making noise!

Stay tuned for pictures and adventure stories.  Below is the flyer if you are in the area.

Swimming quest across the country to raise research money specifically for fighting terminal breast cancers
Mary Gooze, age 64  from Oregon, Wisconsin is struggling with late stage cancer, “I decided to focus my days doing something that I loved. I plan to swim across as many lakes as possible, bringing awareness and funding to metastatic breast cancer,” said Gooze.  Since the cancer has spread to her bones, there are no other treatments that can cure Gooze. Unfortunately, funding is sparse for research that explores how best to fight late-stage cancer and that’s why Gooze has chosen to literally dive into this fight. Her first swimming campaign of 2015 includes Lake Patagonia in Arizona, Hillsdale Lake in Kansas City, all five lakes in Madison, Wisconsin and now on to northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. 
Come join her in the Northwoods!
July 11, 2015  Hasbrook Lake
  • Start and End:  Public Boat Landing, Hasbrook Lake
  • Please park so boats and trailers are still able to launch
  • Swim will begin and end at the Public Landing
  • Swim begins at 11:00 a.m.
July 12, 2015   Two Sisters Lake
  • Start and End: 7131 N Shore Dr, Lake Tomahawk, WI (Barr/Zuhlke Family dock)
  • Please park along the road and walk down the hill to the dock
  • Swim is across and back on the western basin of Two Sisters Lake. The total distance will be 1.25 mile
  • Swim begins at 11:00 a.m.
Please donate to this important cause.  You can donate online at:  If you would like to have your donation matched by First Weber Realtors, make a check to:  “First Weber Foundation” with “METAvivor” in the memo section and they will send your donation and a match to METAvivor.  

You can swim with her or simply watch and support.  Check out her quest at:

Thanks for reading # 270 of 7777.

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