Tuesday, July 7, 2015

#267 Get Over It

Limitations.  That's what cancer seems to be about as I adjust to this new life with a disease that doesn't seem to care that running or frolicking around are no longer options for me.  I don't like it but to sit around and fret about what I can't do now and what I am missing, well, just "get over it" I tell myself.

 Last winter I discovered Pickle Ball and the joys of racing around a court while slamming a whiffle ball at my opponent.  Mini thrills for anyone who loves a little competition.  Unfortunately, attempting to play this game at the level I love to compete does not bode well with a hip bone that has been compromised by radiation and cancer. Hang up the paddle and...


Move on and find something else to occupy the time and leave the picklers to themselves.  Sidelined again but heck, it could be worse.  I could be playing and get the snot beaten out of me but now with an excuse I can fantasize how I would pummel them all with a slam landing at their feet.  Ouch, guess I'm not quite over it yet.  Working on it.

Cancer, the ever present teacher--instructs us to slow down, alter our attitude and accept what we can not change.

PFFFFFFTTTT! (said with a waving middle finger at cancer).

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