Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#275 Mittens, A Butter Knife and Guts

Blog writing...every day...for 7777 days.  What the heck was I thinking? The task of performing a self appendectomy with a butter knife while wearing mittens covered with glue is the kind of feeling that swoops over me when the words are stuck.  An unpleasant visual to ponder.

When I am attacked with a loss of ideas I have gone to various blogs--one of the suggestions from a workshop--to get inspired.  Quite frankly it depresses me.  These people are phenomenal writers with words flowing effortlessly out of their computers to the masses and I wonder, "How do they do that"?  I'd like to think my blogs are sometimes entertaining, a bit informative but, realistically...  This is where the writer's block hits me in the head and says, "Please stop now before anyone gets hurt".


Someone writes describing how my blog has brightened her day or a Facebook messager explains how she can now better relate to her mother's cancer.  Notes have appeared via internet or face to face expressing thanks for the education on MBC.

Okey dokey then...

Maybe reconsideration is in order so I will remove the mittens, put down the knife and hold off  detaching the appendix with a declaration that masterful writing may not be my forte but possibly sharing a piece of me to offer comfort or educate about MBC will be my solace when the writer's block hits.

So, I am back.  And that is all I have to say.

Thanks for reading # 275 of 7777.

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