Thursday, July 9, 2015

# 269 A Ride on the Wild Side

A quick story today.  Last Saturday was perfect kayaking weather so despite the hours Rob has been spending in our little ducky watching me swim, he was willing to venture out in the boat for a leisurely afternoon of floating down a river.

All was going as planned with this glorious day when all of a sudden a brush up against the shore turned into a scene from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.  What I recall from this incident was a rocking boat and girly screams coming from Rob (not a bad sound but a high squeal none the less) while I tried to steady the boat figuring a dip into the stream was inevitable.  Luckily one of us managed to keep our wits (that would be me) and managed to secure the almost sinking Titanic.

The cause of all this consternation?  A gigantic (according to Rob) renegade frog decided to jump aboard and land between hubby's legs.  Not only did that cause the rumpus, but the little devil thought its only escape was up Rob's shorts--that's when the screams and the rocking really began.  As I'm trying to stabilize our already tippy kayak, he quickly grabbed the dare devil critter by its leg and flung it back into the water bidding the snoopy little monster good riddance.  What was the amphibian thinking when he took a nose dive into our craft--that there might be a giant worm up those pants?

Thankfully a disaster was averted and the rest of the trip was uneventful, however, for the duration of the ride our eyes constantly scanned the banks for any other harebrained creatures looking for a cheap thrill.

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