Sunday, July 5, 2015

#265 Oh Please, Honey


Bare bottoms.  I guess if my goal was to have as many "hits" on this blog as I could, bare butts would do it.  Because of sophisticated technology, I can now monitor how many people are viewing each posting and their location (kind of creepy if you ask me).  The number varies for whatever reason but it is usually consistent without any big jumps in the viewership.

 Until...the bare bottoms blog.  Remember that one? Yep, I'm sure you do.  The hit machine went nuts.  My conversation with Rob as the numbers rose was the following:

Me: Wow!  People love bare bottoms.  I think a new way to get attention for MBC is to show a bare butt every time I post.

Rob: Hmmm! Well, if you could find anybody stupid enough to drop their drawers, go for it.

Me: Oh sweet husband, you have the perfect tush.  Please, please, please?

Suddenly the door slammed and the only view I had was his fully clothed backside running down the street screaming, "NOOOOOOOO!"

So readers the only a$$ showing you will witness here is the a$$ kicking of cancer--unless I can convince Rob to moon his--you know what-- which, unfortunately (or fortunately) for all of us, it probably won't happen.

Thanks for reading #265 of 7777.

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