Sunday, August 2, 2015

#293 Just Horsing Around

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And they're off!  The horse races in Arlington are always a once an outing summer treat and yesterday was the day to enjoy the out of doors while watching these beautiful animals race around the track.  I'm not much of a betting woman but for two bucks a bet, I didn't lose the house or the car or the husband.  Didn't win a thing either so for under $ 20 it was a cheap day of entertainment.

There were many highlights but one particular scene stands out when a horse balked at going into the starting gate.  Commotion and rearing followed with the rider being tossed and the horse taking off in the opposite direction at a speed that would have won him the championship.

 It was a quite the sight to watch this riderless thoroughbred gallop with abandon as the workers scurried to curtail his freedom. Fortunately he was successfully corralled after his pass around the arena and was led away with cheers from the crowd admiring his free spirit.

Magnificent animals-- every one of them --and they gave us a day filled with admiration and gratitude at their ability to entertain us with their strides. Oh, and no complaints here for going home winless (Well, maybe a few minor whines).

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