Thursday, August 13, 2015

#304 I Do I Do I Do

Rabbits in love

Where shall I begin for this day, August 13?  Thirty-seven years ago (where did the time go?), I made a commitment to the man by my side to love and cherish him for as long as we both shall live.

It seems like a lifetime ago but nothing and everything has changed.  We are both still kicking around and we are still loving and cherishing each other probably more than we did when we began this union.  Lucky us to have found our forever soulmates.

I won't carry on about the exceptional qualities of this man that I married only to say he has been the absolute ideal person for me.  He makes me a better mom, more loving wife and a kinder human being.  How did we know what would happen after those vows were exchanged on that hot summer day years ago?  Can love really last through three kids, numerous animals and a multitude of life events? A resounding, yes!

Is it luck, fate or what?  I wish I had the answer but all I know is that when the chips were down and the whole cancer saga began, I saw the true man that I married step up and take charge.  He desperately wanted to wipe away the pain and trauma that encompassed me when the bad news disrupted our ordinary life.  He became my shield and the warrior by my side because this was not a fight I would tackle alone--not if he had anything to do about it.  "As long as we both shall live"--yep, those words should be tattooed on his forehead.

Thirty-seven years ago the stars must have aligned just right for me to make the best decision of my life by saying, "I do".

Love this man of mine is all I have to say.

(A donation to METAvivor is in order for our anniversary)

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  1. Congrats to my brother & sister-in-law on their anniversary.