Thursday, August 27, 2015

#318 Wowzer!

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Hallelujah! METAvivor sent me an exciting email about the donations dollars that have been rolling in this year to my One Woman Many Lakes fund.  The amount is close to $35,000 and this, according to them, will provide a researcher a year's worth of funding.  Incredible--and YOU did it with your dedication to my cause and taking it on as your own.  This was a tremendous feat and Maggie, Heather and the 155,000 of us living with this disease thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Because research is our only hope, your generous spirits brought us one step closer to extending our lives another month or year.  You have no idea what that means to us for the possibility of hanging around longer than the statistics claim we will be exiting.  

Thank you doesn't seem quite enough so imagine us giving you a gigantic hug from afar.

But...we can't stop yet.  A cure is not in the bag so share this with others, educate those around you and let's do this for the next generation so the word terminal cancer will not be in their vocabulary.  

Contributions can be made to METAvivor gives 100% to research.

Thank you for reading (and caring) #318 of 7777.

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  1. This is fantastic...keep it and we will keep it up!!!!