Sunday, August 30, 2015

#321 A Super Success

Stopping at the sandbar

Swim #19 was a grand success with my nephew and his wife providing a lovely setting on Browns Lake in Jackson, Michigan.  People from all walks of my life, strangers from the area and, of course, family kept rolling in and last count was approximately 90 people watched the swim.  Twenty brave swimmers plunged into the water with me as we swam 1.8 miles in the calm waters.

As the last person climbed out of the water the rain slowly began to fall.  Happy tears falling from the sky to celebrate this successful event.

There are so many stories I will share later of both heroic and hysterical happenings.  Whenever you combine children, sorority sisters and family together be prepared for anything.

The local newspaper did a fine job capturing my mission.
Local Press

And the money kept rolling in.  Metavivor will be thrilled with this next check.  Go to METAvivor is rocking!

Thanks for reading # 321 of 7777.

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