Sunday, August 16, 2015

#307 T-shirt Survey

I sent a request to my friends to please write a blog entry as I will be traveling and I love to hear what others have to say. Sandy, a high school, college and lifetime friend submitted the survey below. This followed an exchange between the two of us when she asked about t-shirts. I thought no one would be interested and she thought otherwise, hence, her scientific approach to who is right. Thanks for the entry and we shall see what happens.

T-Shirt Marketing Research I asked Mary when the "One Woman Many Lakes T-Shirt" would be coming out for sale. She's been thinking about it .... got some ideas going and someone working on ideas. Then, Mary asked if I thought people would buy them. YES. YES. YES. OK. ... here is the scoop. Your input into this marketing research is needed. (Who better than us loyal blog readers?) Let's say the front is the OWML logo. Back is another mantra.... what? List Sponsors? What COLOR shirt? What color printing? What size range? Short sleeves or long sleeves? Would you purchase. ... The shirt? The shirt with a donation to METAvivors? Considering the shirts could have 2 purposes-- awareness and fundraising, what is a good price? Or, should the shirt be a price and donate as inspired? One suggestion - reporters could be given a t-shirt. Other marketing ideas? Thanks for your input. Watch for your opportunity to become a walking MBC awareness billboard!

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