Saturday, August 29, 2015

#320 Living Large and In Charge

This is what I feel like today!  

It seems that either all this swimming, the medication or my stubbornness has transformed itself into a period of time that I am feeling cancer free. Not that I am but it sure seems like those nasty cells have gone into hiding.  No more hip pain, fatigue or the other maladies that have plagued me this past year.  Our latest trip to Seattle involved two swims, major hiking in Rainier and a nonstop vacation of fun which previously would have left me exhausted.  Surprise! Surprise! I feel like a million bucks.  Quite the statement considering the past few months.

How did this happen and why?  No answers but I am enjoying a break from the constant nagging wiggle in my head about the C word.

Will I retire from screaming about mets and the lack of funds and awareness?  Absolutely not.  Knowing what I now know about this disease, a change could be around the corner so I am relishing the reprieve and will continue to fight not only for those of us living with mets but future generations.  That's what it has been about all along.

So yippee doodle for me today and many more days to come.  Living life large and loving it.  Now off to a swim in Michigan--join me if you dare.

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