Thursday, August 20, 2015

# 311 Swims, Interviews and Gaffes, Oh My!

Wow!  A big 2.5 mile swim in the best weather ever and then an interview on NBC Live at 4 on Channel 5 out here in Seattle.  Great way to start and end my day.

Aaron tagged along and captured this "magical" moment with me chatting with the anchors.  Since my brain and mouth never seem to be in sync am not sure if I did actually get my point across on MBC.  One final question they asked was how do I keep going after all these swims.  The best answer would have been that the 155,000 living with this disease, the 40,000 dying this year from it and research is our only hope is what keeps me motivated.  What a statement that would have made.  Instead I answered, "naps".  Next time maybe the mouth and brain will engage in a more articulate way.

 So Seattle, here is your challenge--Please help me raise $1800 by Sunday to celebrate my 18th swim and make me feel a whole lot better about my interviewing skills.

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Thanks for reading # 311 of 7777.

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