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#302 Do I Have To Grow Up?

Fellow exerciser, laugher and all around good friend, Deb, has submitted this priceless account of what to do when we finally grow up--if that ever happens.  Enjoy!

when i grow up i wanna be:

Determining one’s life journey often begins innocently.  Youngsters are asked what they want to be when they grow up.  Many times the answer reflects the people children encounter i.e. doctor, nurse, teacher, policeman etc…  Not often do we hear that they want to work in technology, graphic art, engineering etc…As an adult I am intrigued at the career opportunities available and sometimes say, “when i grow up i wanna be…”.  I do not regret my chosen profession of Physical Therapy, but it is fun to dream about other possibilities.  This is a challenge to those of you reading Mary’s blog to write about what you would want to be be if you could change your profession.  
So, what do i wanna be when i grow up?  I have many ideas that intrigue me.  Listed are several with my reasons for considering these.  

When i grow up i wanna be:
1.  a sociologist-
According to Wikipedia, Sociology is "the academic study of social behaviour, including its origins, development, organization, and institutions". I don’t know about you, but watching people is fascinating!  I love to just sit at the mall or some other public place and watch people as the interact and go about their day.  Another favorite place to study people is to ring the bells for the Salvation Army during the Holidays.  It is fun to watch people either avoid eye contact, explain that they already gave at the store before this one, pull handfuls of coins out of their pocket/purse etc… 
Studying people not only here but in other cultures and countries definitely intrigues me.  Not only to observe the behaviors but then to study the why would be on my list.

2.  a gym rat-
I know that going to the gym on a daily basis conjures up a variety of reactions from people but for me it truly brings joy!  The feel of a good work out boosts my mood and energy.  I love it when the sweat starts to drip, the heart rate increases and I am breathing hard.  I wish I could pass this feeling onto others because I know exercise does not do this for many people.  What is it that keeps me going back for more while others can’t wait for it to be done?  For me, I love the feel of a good workout but if you need something more, following is what science has to say about exercise.
Science says:
 exercise releases endorphins which create feelings of happiness
 our brains also release norepinephrine with exercise and this reduces our response to stress and decreases anxiety
 exercise helps to decrease degeneration of certain parts of the brain that are related to memory and learning and leading to less cognitive decline as we age
 exercise increases a chemical in the brain that is like miracle grow to our brain thus leading to the possibilities of overall improvement in brain function
 exercise increases our productivity and energy
 exercise can boost creativity
So, get out there and give it a try.  Find a friend to exercise with, tell others about your commitment to move more and see if you can experience what science says occurs with a commitment to regular exercise.  
***Check out the book Spark by John Ratey for more exercise research, it is fascinating!

Happy Exercising!

3.  a  nutritionist/dietician-
I love science and the study of how things interact.  My recent life journey has been to attempt to live more healthy.  Exercise and diet are a large part of this.  Recently most experts state the 80/20 rule which says that 80% of weight loss is achieved by diet, and 20% is achieved by exercise.  That means that what I ingest greatly contributes to my health.  Therefore, knowing more about food and nutrition would be of great value to me as I attempt to live more healthy.  On a side note however, eating isn’t just about the science because often eating is also an emotional activity.  So, I continue to study and learn about food science and try to understand my emotions and how they dictate my food desires.  That is always changing and will be a lifelong study!

What do you want to be when you “grow up”???  Please share!
Submitted by Deb Moyer

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