Sunday, August 9, 2015

#300 Wishes Galore

I like this number-- 300.  Think of what you could do with 300 of anything.  For me, it has been 300 blogs ago that I began this mission of writing every day.  I will admit that a few of those 300 entries have been submitted by my talented friends, but still, I was the one to scoop out those masterpieces from them.

Today I will begin a list of 300 wishes.  Besides the obvious requests for a cure for cancer, world peace and obliterating worldwide hunger; what should my list include?  300 x 10 dollars to fund research or 300 more treatment options?

Something to ponder today as I attempt to write 2 1/2 weeks of blogs before the Seattle trip this week. Writing 300 wishes is a perfect activity to do while sitting on the train for two days sans internet.

Thanks for reading # 300! of 7777.

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