Friday, September 18, 2015

#341 And It Was THIS Big!

A day late but here are some observations of my fishing date with my best buddy, Rob.

My final tally came out to:

Fish caught--0
Experiences captured--boundless

What was actually caught for a day out on the stream:

1. A standoff with a calf.

2.  Glimpse of a red dragon fly feasting on a flower
3.  An observation of no less than twenty contented fish resting on the bottom of the stream with no desire to eat my delicious, but artificial, looking fly.
4.  The intense stare of a determined Rob.

5.  A study of patience when nothing is biting.
Picture taken when bored.

6.  A look of awe as an eagle swooped overhead looking for its prey.
7. Views of the meadows filled with yellow yarrow and purple flowers.
8.   Surveying Wisconsin's very own driftless area.
9. The disgusting inspection after my foot landed a little too close to a fresh cow pile.
10. Laughter by the netful when attempting a climb through a fence.

Thanks for reading # 341 of 7777.

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