Saturday, September 19, 2015



Off to watch the red and white throw the ball around, huddle up and then run like a bat out of hell to the end zone.  Football--not really my thing--obviously-- but once a year it's worth getting geared up to face the crowd of thousands march into the stadium as we holler our heads off and cheer while the Wisconsin Badger players bash each other's heads with the possibility of major brain damage later on in life (sorry about the commentary that's been in the news lately). But I digress...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon.  Watching people dance and shout will amuse me for the day with the roar of the fans as a little background noise cheering when all those footballs cross the elusive touchdown line.

Although I have been watching football for many years I am still puzzled by certain aspects of the game.  Mum is the word because if I dare ask what was going on in the last play I get the "look" and retreat to my happy place of--I don't really give a #$@% about this game but will find my fun elsewhere.

But, Go Badgers!  It's a good time, electrifying and well worth the entertainment factor.  And who knows, maybe this time I will truly understand why they went straight into the mountain of gargantuan men instead of doing a sneak play to the left.  Methinks I should be the coach.

Now off to the game!

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