Monday, September 28, 2015

#351 If You Plan On Watching a Video Today--Choose This One

Mets Monday today (52 times a year) with a dynamic video that highlights the October 13th event in Washington. If you are in the Madison area there will be a similar happening here on the State Capitol steps.   Join us--you can help make a difference!

Click here for this amazing video: You must watch this!

Information on the die-in is below.  Please let me know if you are attending so I can get an accurate account--we need 110 people to "die".

Metastatic “Die-In” October 13th 11:30-12:30 on the steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol—State Street side.
History and Purpose
The first metastatic breast cancer die-in was held at the Living Beyond Breast Cancer
9th Annual Conference for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer, and was organized by patients. Metastatic breast cancer kills 40,000 people in the U.S. and 522,000 people worldwide every year. Worldwide, that's 1430 people every day, or one every second. In the U.S., it's about 110 people every day. We hold die-ins in order to demonstrate the human cost of metastatic breast cancer, in hopes that those who help fund cancer research will put more resources into saving these lives.
We will be meeting on the steps beginning at 11:30 to get instructions. If you can’t get there until closer to noon, no problem. We just need you.
1. Congregate at the Capitol steps by State Street. Bring a towel or blanket if the ground is wet.

2 Line up 10 people in a row facing the Capitol.
3. A welcome address will be given and then the signal to begin the die-in.
4. The first person will lie down when the bell chimes, then the person standing next to them and so on until all 110 are lying down. You may want to link arms with the person next to you. Silence is important.
5. After the last person lies down, a eulogy will be read followed by 110 seconds of silence.
6. A signal will be given to get up, embrace and the die-in will be done.

Please email me ASAP,, if you are planning on coming so we can get an accurate number. Pass this on to your friends, coworkers, etc. This is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Any questions call 608-835-9040 and leave a message. 

Thanks for reading # 351 of 7777.

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