Friday, September 25, 2015

# 348 Please Share Because You Care

Another sleepless night so might as well be productive.  I know--stay off the computer--it's the worst thing to try and catch those zzzz's.  Guess what?  I was lying wide awake under the covers and that didn't make me nod off so on to the computer I go to at least account for getting something done.

Pinktober is on its way and if you aren't "friends" with any metsters on Facebook or twitter, you are missing the outrage that's been blitzing social media.

The gist of the rants is to not buy anything pink this year.  Your purchase will line the pockets of the participating store and metastatic research will get...nada.  Yep, zero is my guess.  They may profess the money will go to breast cancer research but we know that a large portion of that pink necklace or pink sweater will go into their coffers and a smidgen will go--again--to BREAST CANCER AWARENESS.

Yes!  We know about BC.  We do not need anymore education on mammograms (another blog will be devoted to early detection and if it really tells the whole story--but more on that later).  What we need are real dollars going to real and meaningful research to save our lives.

Put your purse back on your shoulder, step out of the store and save yourself from adding one more piece of crap merchandise to your house.  Use last year's pink if you have a need to wear the color.

And if you want to feel good about yourself by supporting people with breast cancer,  go to the website,  One Woman Many Lakes ,  and donate money that will make a difference to the 155,000 of us living every day with metastatic breast cancer. The disease that kills because there is no cure.

I will personally bend down and kiss your feet in gratitude or give you a hug that will last you a lifetime. Trust me, it means that much to me.

Thanks for reading (and putting up with one more rant) #348 of 7777.

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