Sunday, September 20, 2015

# 343 The Blitz Has Begun

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

It has just begun--rantings about October and the pink and the lack of funding for us metsters.  Below is the latest tirade from an online friend, Kelli Parker, who is outrageously funny and spot on when it comes to getting in your face about this disease.  She is featured in the "Our Story" segment on my website so you can read more about this dynamic woman. This is only one sampling of her pissed off Facebook entries.  Stay tuned for more tomorrow as we blast social media with the campaign about Beyond the Breast.

"You might think that since stage IV breast cancer has some mainstream attention we should simmer down a bit. Oh darlings! THE FUN IS JUST BEGINNING! We need your help and your friend's help and your friend's friend's help to BLITZ the media, big pharma, big business, and big non-profits to bring about meaningful change and WHILE meaningful change is happening. And when my friends and I are celebrating our 20 year metaversary and we're the RULE and not the exception, then we'll rest momentarily on our laurels. Until then, we work and we fight and we shout every single day what has become our mantra ‪#‎stageivneedsmore‬"

Thanks for reading # 343 of 7777.

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