Friday, September 4, 2015

# 326 Beware of a Rant

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Dear Breast Cancer Survivors,
Congratulations! You have endured and now consider yourself a survivor on your journey with breast cancer.  Yay! and thank the lord that episode is over. However, would you mind pausing for a moment and think about those of us who are in the throes of this malady and will never progress to your status?

We need your help. Desperately.  We have not yet crossed the finish line of conquering this disease and there are millions of you out there who will be celebrating in October that you made it.  You beat cancer.

But wait a second...

I don't want to scare the bejesus out of you but I was once there too.  Celebrations were for me as I went through harrowing months of treatments and jumping for joy that it was finally over when...BANG.  It's back and now the fight that I thought I had faced and survived has returned in full force.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE--join the mets sisters and stand by our side.  We are sick, we are dying and we need to find a cure.  It doesn't help our cause when we hear you singing the praises of being cured.  YOU ARE NEVER CURED.  You will be living with the shadow of this disease and, if you are lucky ( and I truly hope you are), it will never rear its ugly head again.  However, 30% of initial breast cancer diagnosis recurs and then you will see up close and personal how the ball was dropped before the victory of a touchdown.

Dear courageous survivors, please pick up this ball for us and help us all get to the stage of being in survivor mode.  Don't be afraid to raise your voices and show your outrage about the lack of funding for metastatic breast cancer.  We need you.

We are thrilled that your good health has returned and you have "survived" this dreaded disease but turn around now and look at those who desperately want to be in your place and give us a hand.

Spread the word--donate, help, do something-- please.

Contact me on how to rant and rave (I've gotten pretty good at it)

From your mets sisters.

Thanks, and I really mean thanks for reading #326 of 7777.

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