Thursday, September 17, 2015

#340 My New Best Friend, Dale

What I looked like walking into class.

Motivational, inspiring, a confidence building experience.  What am I talking about?  Last Monday I had the pleasure--although prior to entering the room "pleasure" would not be the word I would use--of attending my first Dale Carnagie class.  My friend, Kathy, invited me to attend assuring me this would be exactly what I would need to forge ahead as an advocate for MBC.

With my stomach in a complete knot--remember my abhorrence to public speaking--I slid into the room trying to be invisible when the coach extended his hand and welcomed me to this new experience.  Yikes! I was a deer in headlights--the ability to move had vanished.  Before I knew it, I was sitting amongst a group of extremely talented and talkative people. What the heck were they doing there?  I was definitely feeling out of my class.

Breathe, just breathe and I will make it through until the break when I can really break away from here and go back to my comfort zone surroundings called home.  It didn't happen.  After a shaky beginning of speaking IN FRONT OF THE ROOM OF 22 PEOPLE, I started to actually enjoy what was happening around me.  I felt the protective shell that surrounds many of us (well, at least me and the other guy sitting there looking green) slowly chip away as I spoke with these unfamiliar fellow Carnagonians ( I made that term up).  My heart rate returned to normal as I stood in front of the others and, quite frankly, found myself laughing and having a good time.

How could this be?  With the three and a half hour session flying by, I came away shaking my head thinking, Wow! And this is only the first class.  We have homework, but I can't wait to dive into the books to find out more.

Thank you, Kathy.  This is going to work.  And guess what?  With my newfound speaking skills, I will be able to persuade more people to donate, educate more people about this disease and who knows, maybe even save lives.  You never know how one experience or one person can make a difference.

Now go make a difference and donate to

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