Thursday, September 10, 2015

#332 Get Out of Here!

Devil's Lake

I won't belabor the fact that yesterday I jumped into my twentieth lake, swam a little over 2 miles and came out feeling like a champion.  It was a pretty big deal for me and I'm still glowing from the event.

Kindhearted soul, Rick, swam with me the entire way and with his 6 foot about 5 inch lean frame(tall no matter how many inches), never strayed from my side.  He could easily have stretched out and been half way across the lake before I even took my first breath, but no, he matched me stroke for stroke as we enjoyed the crystal clear waters and the breathtaking beauty surrounding the lake.

My faithful partner, Rob, and our youngest son accompanied us in kayaks as we made it from one shore to the other.  Who would have thought a year ago that I'd still be swimming today let alone having the big number twenty under my wetsuit.

This Saturday I will log in swim #21 up in Door County before biking 50 miles on Sunday.

All I can say is--cancer--look who is in charge now so get off my back and out of my life.

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  1. You are wonderful and a very special woman, I am proud to be your friend....

    1. Thanks, David. The feeling is mutual.