Wednesday, September 9, 2015

#331 Thanks Culver's

Okay, the weather didn't cooperate yesterday so we are swimming today.  The first time we have had to cancel a swim and I was disappointed but got over it--really?  A swim day cancelled? GET OVER IT!  Rob called it at 7 in the morning but I convinced him to not officially cancel until Charlie Shortino, our local weatherman, concluded the morning would be rainy and ugly.

A super duper crew delivering the goods!
Bri thanks all of you
Today looks bright and sunny--a tad cooler but that's okay.  The water temperature will be the same as yesterday so let's dive in and get across the lake.

If you would like to hike the beautiful Devil's Lake area today and watch me swim, join us at 11 AM on the north shore.

A couple of metsters

The event at Culver's last night was a resounding success.  The number of people eating burgers and ice cream surpassed our expectations.  A big thank you to Connie and her crew for organizing this event and thank you to Culver's for your generous donation. Every dollar helps us get one step closer to finding a cure.  If you couldn't grab a burger, go to to donate (Sorry, no ice cream delivery).

Thanks for reading # 331 of 7777.

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