Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#346 Be Part of the Solution

This is one of the best reasons I keep fighting

My reflections on this disease as I sit in the picturesque setting of the Sundara Spa:

I have been lucky--loving parents who told me with words and actions that I was treasured
A husband who cherishes me and tells me he loves me every single day.
Successful children who are incredibly awesome human beings.
Coworkers who appreciated my decision making and commitment to education.
Friends who share in their belief that we are all kindred spirits and support each other in time of need.

And then came cancer.  I suddenly feel forgotten, ignored, abandoned.  Society--you are telling me I am not worth saving. There is no reason to hope--there is no cure.


We will not be forgotten.  We will not be ignored.  We will not go away without a fight.  Stand up with us.  There must be hope or else all these years of being valued have been for naught.  We need more and until we all take our last breath we will not stop fighting for a cure.

Go to my website on how you can help or donate or both.  Help by being the solution.  Spread the word.

Thanks for reading #346 of 7777.

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