Thursday, September 3, 2015

#325 The Mitch Hench Show

Mitch Hench

Interesting experience yesterday with my first ever radio talk show.  Mr. Hench was extremely kind and made me feel quite comfortable in his tiny office.  I guess with a radio show there is no need for any aesthetic beauty on the set so the papers splayed around his office was certainly not a concern for him or his audience.

The interview went well. I thought our conversation during the commercials was much wittier and informative then when we went live--a distinct change of tone came over both of us when the producer pointed his finger to start the action.

If you missed it and have nothing else to do but listen to a day old radio broadcast, here's the link.

Start at 2.07

Thanks Mitch, for helping me spread the word.

And, thank you for reading # 325 of 7777.

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