Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#323 My Best Buddy

My buddy Wilson
Things are beginning to settle down around here as we slowly return to the mundane task of LIVING, planning and scoping out another lake.  What can I possibly say about swim #19 except it was quite an extraordinary event.  The effort my niece and nephew put into making sure everything was perfect was beyond what I could have imagined or even attempted myself.

At least ninety people showed up to remind me and the other metsters that we are not a forgotten group as the love and support flowed in and reinforced the fact each one of us can participate by spreading the word about this disease.

There were stories galore for the day but my favorite one was about my great nephew and his unique way of fundraising.

According to my niece, her son Wilson, a precocious six year old, was at the dentist office prior to the weekend we were to arrive.  I'm sure his dentist was attempting to make him feel at ease while sitting in the chair (that reclining seat that makes you feel anything but comfortable as your mouth hangs open) when he inquired about his plans for the weekend. Instead of hearing the typical boyhood account of playing outside, soccer games or whatever occupies the younger crowd, Wilson explained about his Great Aunt Mary and her swims.  I was not privy to the actual conversation but knowing Wilson and his advanced vocabulary I'm sure he was articulate and thorough in his explanation.

In fact he was so thorough that on his way out of the office the dentist and the hygienist grabbed their checkbooks and handed him donations for METAvivor.  They were touched by his story and wanted to make a difference.

  This campaign I have been hollering about has been about One Woman but it is also how one person at any time no matter the age can make a difference...and he did.  Thank you, Wilson.  You made my day.

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