Monday, June 1, 2015

# 231 Have You Heard?

Okay, okay.  If you have been perusing the inescapable Facebook you probably have seen my face plastered all over with this news clip, however, if you have chosen to do other meaningful things in your life, here it is---again.  Broadcasting about metastatic breast cancer and raising the bar on awareness to this disease has been my goal and, "yippee doodle", the local media has begun to pay attention.

Since the miserable facts about mets haven't changed and the need is still there I will plunge into the water and swim my a$$ off if it will begin a dialogue about the 155,000 women and men living with this disease with no cure in sight.  My partner in crime, Heather, and all the other metsters will not stop until changes take place in the cancer organizations around this country that support those with an initial diagnosis but drop the ball on those of us with a recurrence (meaning stage IV).

Ranting on MetsMonday helps me get through one more day. Thank you for listening.

And thanks for reading # 231 of 7777.


  1. Hi Mary!
    I'm Clare, jerndi's niece. Not sure if they told you, but they invited me to swim Wingra with you tomorrow, and I'm realllly looking forward to it, if it's alright that I tag along?? :)
    Would also love to share your blog & the article on my Facebook if that's okay too?

    1. Absolutely! The more the merrier, glad to hear you are joining us. Yes, share my blog and website--trying to get the word out to as many people as I can.