Monday, June 29, 2015

# 259 Well, Okay Then...

Do you recognize any body?
What was I thinking wearing a wetsuit when I swim?  If I want to draw attention to MBC, this certainly would turn an eye or two.  Or maybe not...

Today is another MetsMonday and another day to educate about this disease and why we need more funding and why we are ignored and why no one seems to be listening.  Please pass the word using my webpage

I know, I know, I've been barking up this same old tree for almost a year now, but guess what?  40,000 died this year and today another 108 will die, therefore I will not stop preaching and screaming until these numbers become obsolete.

Plain and simple--we need your help.

On a side note, watch Channel 3--Live at Five tonight to see handsome hubby and yours truly mugging for the cameras.

Thanks for reading # 259 of 7777.

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