Sunday, June 7, 2015


Again and again, I am blown away at the support from my community and my rally to bring awareness and, more importantly, increased research funds for Metastatic Breast cancer. Screaming and ranting all by myself is a lonely road to travel unless one has generous offerings from people like the owners of Headquarters who have stepped up without me asking and are sharing my passion to find a cure.  Please stop by tomorrow to eat, drink and be merry and while you are at it, thank the magnanimous Jamie and Miranda for hollering with me.  We will make a difference!

One Woman Many Lakes 

I am pleased to announce the one and only Headquarters Bar & Restaurant in Oregon will generously donate a portion of its sales on Monday, June 8th to in support of my One Woman Many Lakes campaign. 

Since my diagnosis in June, 2014 it has been my mission to seek more research funding along with raising awareness for this disease that claims 40,000 lives each year. I alone can not find a cure for Metastatic Breast Cancer but I can swim to raise funds. As I swim across lake after lake this year please also support me with a donation to, an organization that provides 100% of its donations to MBC research. 

Come on down to Headquarters on Monday, June 8th, grab some food &  drink and let’s chat!

Mary Gooze

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