Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#253 Just Breathe

This is the start and waaaay over there is the finish.
My very own personal weatherman, Rob, has stewed and worried over the direction of the wind, the weeds in the lake and any other thing he deems worthy to agonize about in the upcoming swim. Relax, I tell him.  This is not a race, our life savings are secure and our first born will not be sacrificed for whatever reason.  Poor guy has done a remarkable job lining up boats and the media to make sure I will be safe in the water and everyone will hear our message; but he is aging before my eyes as we prepare my next swim.

 Chill and breathe. Chill and breathe.

 Everything is going to be all right.

It looks like it will be a beautiful 1.8 mile swim gliding past Monona Terrace and landing at BB beach.  I can hear your cheers wherever you are so keep those good vibes sailing across the water.

Check out the latest press from our local paper.

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