Sunday, June 14, 2015

# 244 Kids Can Say The Darnedest Things!

Crazy busy right now so my talented daughter took over the job of blog writing.  Enjoy!

Kids, some people love them and some, well not so much. As a young child of a teacher, I swore that I would never work with kids. Then, I was bitten (no, not by the kids) by the "kid bug". Oh, the stories I could tell about my years working with kids, especially the ones with autism. They are the little light in my eyes and every day I have spent working with these magnificent youngsters is always a new adventure.

I could tell you stories about collecting rocks during recess, working in the "quiet" room, and playing "Ring around the Rosie" multiple times in order to teach a youngster how to finish phrases and speak his/her own phrases; but that would take a novel to write, so I will share two that I will never forget.

Years ago, I worked as a Paraeducator at North Davis Elementary School. I was the "helper" of a sweet and spunky 6 year old girl with autism. One day, we were in line, and I bent down to tie my shoe. All of the sudden I heard a little excited voice say "Ms. Maggie, you have hairs!" Being pretty used to the funny things this young girl would say, I didn't get offended. She was just stating what she saw and to a little kid, hair was a pretty extraordinary thing to see! Without even asking her what she meant by "hairs", she says to me "Ms. Maggie, you have lots of hairs on your arms!" I tell you, you don't know how to contain your laugher in front of a group of kids and a teacher until you have worked in a classroom! Yes, I do have hairy arms and it was up to my little "friend" to remind me of that!

You might wonder how I reacted to such a comment? Well, it went something like this. "Yes D, I do have hair.  Part of growing up I guess." Then I gave her a hug and her day was made right then and there.

In another classroom I worked with a little boy who had a fascinating name. I won't share it on here but will share one of my many conversations with him.

Me: G, how did you get your name?
The kid: Well, my mom and dad met. Then they fell in love and had me!

Not quite what I was asking for but couldn't explain that better myself! Well done kid, well done!

Kids really do say the darnedest things!!
By Maggie Gooze

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