Friday, June 12, 2015

#242 An Upcoming Group Effort

A quick hip hip hurray as my monthly visit with my oncologist went well (always a relief for a metster) and more good news was added when he told me he is taking the day off to swim in Lake Mendota on June 30th.  If you ever have had any dealings with doctors and specifically with oncologists you know they don't often take the day off from the office so I was thrilled to have him join me in the water.

Just the beginning

After Tuesday's looooonnnnng swim, my good friend and swimming companion, Robin, turned to me and suggested we do a relay instead of the 4.5 mile--never ending, going to take a billion years to get across--swim.  She assured me that it would not be considered a "fail" if we didn't do the entire distance but more of a group effort--similar to what this whole cancer trip has been.

I will admit that relief washed over me after we determined that was our plan so when Dr. A. asked about the swim he agreed to join in as our third leg in the relay.  How appropriate to swim with a supportive friend and my onc doc by my side.  It seems like an analogy bubbling up somewhere in this scenario but I won't attempt it today.

The swim is set, the media plans to cover the story and my message about MBC will hit the airways with a splash so stay tuned and follow it all on my webpage at or my Facebook page, One Woman Many Lakes and pass it on and on and on.

Thanks for reading # 242 of 7777.

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