Sunday, June 21, 2015

#251 Dragon Boat Racing

Craziness on the water again yesterday.  No, I was not stroking across a lake in my wetsuit but using a different kind of stroke as in a paddle in the Dragon Boat competition at Lake Wingra.  Our team, the Oncobusters, was a group of nurses, doctors and patients who gather once a year and do this wild sport in support of cancer survivors. Approximately 90 seconds of hard paddling until you can collapse when the finish line is crossed--triumphant in the sense that we didn't flip and end up in the weeds.  Sharing lots of laughs, high fives and a sense of camaraderie that we got the job done slowed the heart rate to normal after busting our butts over the water.

If you watch the video closely, you will see Rob and me in the front of the boat paddling our hearts out.

While on shore I was busy handing out my business cards getting the word out about MBC (again).  People were extremely supportive as I asked them to pass the word on to their communities about the statistics behind my rantings.  Rob noted that I was preaching to the choir since this is a cancer related event but many I spoke with didn't know what I now know and, as we are aware; education is powerful.

Speaking of getting the word out, please, please, please, pass this on.  I want to get to 500 "likes" on my One Woman, Many Lakes Facebook page by my June 30th swim.  Tell your friends and their friends and so on and so on.

One more thing, Happy Father's Day to all and especially to my kayaking buddy, Rob.

Thanks for reading # 251 of 7777.

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