Monday, June 15, 2015


Our embrace with hope for a cure.

Heather, my friend with mets, has written a moving piece on what it's like living with this disease.  I am touched by her words about me and more determined than ever to have our voices heard.  Let's keep this movement going forward by taking action and donating to help Heather reach her goal of walking Bri to Kindergarten on her first day of school. Every single dollar counts.

Go to and donate today and share this important message. 

I am so proud to call Mary my friend. It never ceases to surprise me how few people know what metastatic cancer is (the only breast cancer that kills). And to be honest, it often hurts to be in the "forgotten" group. We're not the inspirational, happy ending people love to cheer on and hear about. A teeny tiny fraction of research goes toward mets because we're the lost cause. Why put a lot of effort toward something that may not be a cure and would only give someone like me a few months? But the reality is, those few months could mean that I reach my only goal in life: to see Bri start kindergarten next year. Those mere months could be the difference in being here to see another birthday or celebrating another anniversary with Jeff. We're not necessarily fighting for a cure, we're fighting for time. I can't describe how much it means to have Mary out there as a voice for women like me, MeganMaggieAleciaKimJulie, and so many other young women who are holding onto the only realistic hope we have: research. So, rather than curling up in a ball, crying about how unfair life is, we'll get back up and holler as loud as we can, hoping that we can make a difference. Even if that means just one more person "getting" it. ‪#‎dontignorestageiv‬

By Heather McManamy

Another swim day tomorrow in Lake Kegonsa.  This is for all our daughters, sisters, nieces, mothers, aunts, cousins, friends and future generations.  Let's do it for them.

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