Thursday, June 4, 2015

# 234 Happy Birthday Maggie

Happy birthday to the greatest ( along with favorite) daughter born thirty-one years ago and the supreme birthday present for me...ever!  Yes, she arrived screaming on my birthday and since then there has never been a dull moment with her in our lives.

Her contagious laughter is like none other and when she loses control with her giggles nothing can stop the guffaws coming from her sweet little mouth.  She is quick witted, smart and has us all wrapped around her finger--starting at the young age of probably a half of a nanosecond old.
Animals and children fall in love with her--every single time.  When in her presence they choose her as protector and instinctively know that all is well and trust her completely.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and is the kindest person I know. Multitudes of adjectives would barely fit the description of this remarkable young woman and she continues to amaze us every day with her ability to reach out and spread the love to humans as well as her beloved animals.
Margaret Marie Maloney Baloney, we wish you a wonderful happy fun filled birthday and a continuous year of happiness because you are the best...and our favorite daughter of all.
We love you.

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