Tuesday, June 9, 2015

#239 Bri

'Twas the night before the swim when all through the lake,
 The fish were contemplating the incoming steak.
Would those toes be yummy and juicy and fat,
Or would the taste be all yucky and soggy and flat?
(A poem attempt by yours truly.  My apologies...)

Tomorrow is the swim in Lake Waubesa--2.5 miles across with the winds blowing one way or the other.

Hopefully there won't be toe eating fish or any other creepy crawly things interested in my body parts and maybe this will make me put the pedal to the metal--so to speak--to get to the other side.  Pictures and the adventure will be posted tomorrow.  Pass the word on--the momentum is building.

On another important note...

The Headquarters event last night was amazing and thank you to all who took part in the merriment while eating and drinking and supporting us. When asked why I am jumping into lakes, rallying businesses for a portion of their sales and screaming my head off about the lack of funding and awareness for this disease--my answer is simply...

I am doing it for Bri. 

Bri's pose for the camera.  

She is the precious daughter of Heather--a mets sister.  Heather's hope is for research gurus to discover a new drug so she can live long enough to walk her baby girl through the door on her first day of kindergarten.

Please donate on my webpage to help all the moms and dads living with MBC.

Thanks for reading #239 of 7777.

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