Tuesday, November 3, 2015

#387 Yep! Best Day.

These crazy kids make my day!

Help!  I need more "best day" entries for a temporary reprieve from writing this blog due to the Antarctica trip.  It doesn't need to be long--just write from your heart.

 Since having a terminal disease, a best day has to be more often than not so I look at each day and decide, "Yep, this is it-- the best one."

Without further ado, and in no particular order, my best day is when:

I get a call from all three of my kids checking in with their mama. Or a quick call from just one of them.  Hearing their voices make it a best day.

The sun is shining and my friend or the dog would love to take a walk.

It's raining and cold and miserable out and I cuddle under a blanket with a good book.

Rob makes my favorite meal--whatever it is, it's my favorite if I don't have to cook.

I'm swimming.

My energy is up and I feel like I can conquer anything.

Yogi the dog greets me with a nudge in the morning to remind me how much he loves me--or maybe he just wants breakfast.  Whatever it is, his tail wagging and dancing all the way to the kitchen makes it a best day.

A James Taylor song plays on the radio and I sing along imagining I am his back up singer. (Okay, I know I can't carry a tune, but this is MY best day.)

Mail arrives and there is a note from a friend telling me to hang in there.

A good night's sleep--enough said.

I win at Scrabble...or I lose but had a good game.

The onc doc says, "No new developments--scan remains the same--medicine seems to be working."  Yahoo!

I get out of bed, get a hug from the hubby and think, "I'm alive and kicking today"!  Makes it the best day ever.

Thanks for reading #387 of 7777.

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