Monday, November 23, 2015

#407 Post! Post! Post!

Good Mets Monday morning to all of you.  Guess what?  Today is the day we can make a difference with Stomp Out BC Virtual Protest on the Facebook from 12-2 ET or 11-1 CT. Start trending on the internet and let's blast the airwaves with our message.  Copy these graphics and post post post on your Facebook page or Instagram or Twitter or whatever social media you use.  Include #dontignorestageiv, #iamsusan.  We want to be #1 and let all know that we will not be ignored.  Join us TODAY.  Support us TODAY. Be with us TODAY. All of us living with this disease thank you.

Below are graphics you can post on your website.  Make sure you use the two hash tags, #iamsusan and #don'tignorestageiv.

Thanks for reading and caring and sharing # 407 of 7777.

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